Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

RPA (Robotics Process Automation) is something that definitely creates a difference in your Business and adds more value to your Customers. But what exactly is it? Where can we apply it to achieve maximum efficiency from the project?

Why RPA 

In our interactions with Customers both in Banking and Insurance in CEE and the Middle East, we have surely been able to notice the struggle Companies have, with manual and repetitive processes on costly ERP a BPM that aren’t in a position to respond to their fast-changing needs, especially when talking to internet browsing.

In the end, many of these processes are low or no value-added for the customer. However, we believe they are important for the company. The main problem is that they consume a lot of time ( which is cost and Errors affecting Efficiency big time ) even to some of the key roles


    RPA as a Solution

With RPA you can easily (3 months projects) automate many types of repetitive and predictable processes and tasks. The only requirement is to have a clear logic and decision trees which you can describe. Therefore, tasks an employee performs based on clear rules, with no subjective decision can be automated with RPA

RPA is cost – effective as a solution as there are now hard integrations. The quick RPA automations don’t consume too much time of our time as well as our Customer Teams’ time . That’s why the overall cost of an RPA project is much more lower than other systems’ implementation


Areas to improve with RPA

Routine Workflows –  activities which contain similar or equal steps and you can predict them

Data Input and Validation – taking the data from one source and input in another place/system. 

Rules-Based Transactions – transactions which are subject to pre-defined rules and decision trees

Control & Compliance – execution of different checks and reports to verify the validity and compliance of the data or process

More details on the specific activities that the robots can perform you can find in this article


RPA - Robotics Process Automation ABOUT US We established this company with the main activity of RPA implementation with a Passion to make things simpler for our Customers. Our focus is on driving Efficiency, Productivity, and Growth of our Clients by providing End to End services of process analysis and automation. Starting from the process discovery and business analysis, through ideas for improvement, the extensive work for the creation of process documentation and closing with the delivery of a solution that addresses the business need and solves real business problems. With the growing impact of the RPA on businesses, this is one of our main activities and one of the most attractive process automation possibilities that we can offer. DigiTech Consult is an Accredited Partner and Reseller of UiPath – the #1 RPA platform provider. All is done by ourselves with minimal efforts and time invested by your side and we make it possible with a speed impossible for the others…


With us you will find a wide range of solutions. The key is that we know which one fits best your needs…



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