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Robotics Process

RPA is your virtual workforce your operations teams can control to perform routine tasks on the computer. It sits alongside your existing technology infrastructure and has easy system integration. This means you won’t replace your current systems but you will rather make a bridge between them and on the top only for 3 months. You can scale instantly this automation. In the beggining start with a small process and develop step by step. And the sweetest thing at the end is that once you have implemented RPA you can see the result from the next day.


Document Management Solutions

It is a software solution to implement LESS PAPER OFFICE concept in any Bank or Government offices. Mimics digitally manual filing system, soft copies of the documents are moved across various work centers, with the facility to add Notes, Annotation, OCR, DASH BOARD facility to track work centers, track the movement of documents, escalation, Key words and many more Built in work flow engine and facility to design function specific forms.

HR Management

HR Management Solutions

Infinigent offers advanced tools to assist organizations with the entire hiring process, from requisitions, sourcing, applicant tracking and management, to interviewing and job offer.
Ability to interface with any ERP or legacy systems


Websites and Mobile Apps Development

Design : Create a fascinate design for Comfort and a high level of Usability Technical : Custom Built Logic for Data collection and Transactions; Scoring Engines; Securitized Code Performance: Memory Management; CPU Utilization, Workload Balance


Mobile App Security and Usability Evaluation

Security of the mobile application was uncharted territory in the new world of mobile banking. Given that mobile security best practices to defend against new threats on the mobile platform, such as tampering or reverse engineering are being defined, the bank needed to deploy innovative security to protect its mobile app. Prevent future attacks by fixed vulnerabilities and risk discovered during scan. Meet tough industry security standard and comply with regulation.


Battery Management

Built in intelligence for battery state recognition and comparable impedance readings. Remote access from anywhere via Mobile App. 24/7 alarms and notifications. Daily, weekly, monthly annual report generation to track product performance and efficiency. Automatic capture and recording of data during float, charge & discharge. Planned battery purchasing – through avoiding emergency replacements. Optional wireless battery connectivity