Most people imagine AI as intelligent robots that will take over humans, or they think of a fancy theme park. However, in reality, AI is not that advanced yet and it is not likely to become that intelligent any time soon.

AI can find applications in every single industry. Whether we realize it or not, artificial intelligence is everywhere and plays and it is part of our daily lives – when we book a flight, even when we clean. In this article, we will walk you through six interesting examples that we found. Let’s not waste time and proceed to the first example.

Application of Robotics

Robots are programmed to carry out specific tasks. AI-powered robots are different because they can think in a limited capacity, and they can solve problems as well. Here are two examples of robotics applications in everyday life:


As we mentioned AI is used in such simple and everyday activities as cleaning. iRobot, the creators of Roomba came up with a much smarter robotic vacuum and mop. The new model scans the room using AI, identifies any obstacles as well as it can determine the vacuum time based on the size of the room. This assistant eliminates the need for you to clean and saves you precious time.


Sophia is a humanoid robot that is built with AI. The robot was created by Hanson Robotics. By using AI Sophia can communicate with natural language as well as use facial expressions to show emotions. She has participated in a few shows already. Sophia is an incredible achievement for AI. By combing the AI components, Sophia’s responses are unique in any situation. Thanks to cutting-edge machine perception she can recognize faces, expressions, and gestures.

AI in healthcare

AI is a game-changer for the healthcare industry! Thanks to AI unnecessary hospital visits are reduced. Moreover, virtual assistants are helping with managing schedules, answering questions, and giving guidance for specific conditions.


Well is a personalized health guidance in real time helps you to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to make more informed decisions related to your health. It uses AI to personalize guidance and makes sure that is the right path, based on pre-existing conditions, ongoing health concerns, and of course general knowledge. The system helps members with everything including answering questions and prescription support, recommending when it is time to visit a doctor, or it can provide guidance for a certain condition.

Autonomous Vehicles

The automobile industry uses AI to train computers to drive like humans in any environment as well as to avoid accidents. AI is used in building self-driving cars. It can be used with the camera radar, GPS, or control signals. AI can improve users’ experience significantly.


Cruise is a startup company that produces driverless cars, and it is the first car company in the world to use AI. The cars collect information every day and it educates themselves about the best safety measures, the fastest routes, etc.  It makes accurate predictions for rare scenarios. People are liable to bend the rules of the road and it is reported that around 94% of crashes are caused by driver’s error.

AI in the Financial industry

Accuracy and processing of high volumes of data in real-time to make decisions are crucial for the financial industry. That is why AI is the perfect solution. And as the industry can take benefit from that by rapidly implementing automation into the work process. Here is an example of how AI is changing the industry.


Betterment is an automated financial platform for investing. It uses AI to learn information about the investor and afterward it builds a profile on his financial plan. Moreover, it uses AI to help in reducing taxes on transactions.

AI in HR processes

Most of the cases people do not think of the the chatbots as internal assistants. Companies rather always imagine them in a client-facing role. Well, HR processes could be very exhaustive and may be worth looking at the opportunities that virtual assistance could bring in this area.


Christina is a virtual HR assistant, created by Druid. This HR assistant can make the work of HR agents twice easier, leaving them time for more important tasks that require concentration and attention. Some of the processes that the bot can automate are recruitment, on-boarding, training, guidance, and more. Druid’s AI conversational assistants are applicable in any industry, not only HR. They enable the most intuitive communication for your business. But if you want to learn more about them, book a free consultation with our consultants!

Seeing that AI is becoming inevitable, and it finds applications in every industry, there is no point in fearing it. Many of its applications are transforming even our everyday life for good. Thanks to AI we have achieved better healthcare, safer cars and investments, and much more!

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