The client’s Budget vs Expectations doesn’t match.
The budget doesn’t meet the client’s expectations for the automation that he would like to order?

Is that a reason to leave the customer without an option?
Or be creative?

Would you like to hear about our approach in Budget vs Expectations?

We find a solution that will provide the accomplishment of the same value for the client. This is a different way to fit in a tight budget.

Sometimes the budget is unrealistic for the automation that the client imagines he needs. But it’s more realistic for something different… We do not try to automate the processes as the customer sees them.

We improve and streamline them. Make them shorter. Eliminate exceptions or completely change the approach so we can automate faster with fewer efforts and resources.

And being flexible also helps. Cooperate with other vendors if the solution is not in our hands.

In the end, everything we want is our client’s satisfaction and success.

Do you think the same? Call us to exchange ideas!

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