The Client

The Accounting Competence Center – ACC is one of the leading Business Consulting, accounting, audit, payroll, and outsourcing companies in Bulgaria. One reason for that has been their proven track record of embracing innovation and emerging technologies swiftly, in order to help their customers flourish.

As of 2021, Digitech Consult has developed a fully automated robot for ACC, capable of immense workloads, that allows ACC to transfer its resources to more important tasks.

This robot alone saves hundreds of hours of repetitive labor, thus saving money, allowing for an error-free data collection method, and happier, more productive staff.

The Request

ACC contacted us with a problem – the extraction of company data from The National Revenue Agency (NRA) and its comparison with company data. The manual process was consuming significant time and effort every month.

It only took four stages of development before the launch of the robot. A detailed document outlining all the needs and requirements the customer had of the robot was formed. The DigiTech Developers went through the development and testing stages and launched the fully operational automation. Exactly one month after the contract signing the first robot of ACC went live.

After the launch, we provided a week of Hypercare, where we kept a keen eye on the robot, and further developed its logic, optimizing it where needed, making it fully comply with the needs of ACC.

The Outcome

DigiTech Consult was able to provide this robot in such a short time by working closely with the flexible and modern business that is Accounting Competence Center. Our engineers were able to gather all information they needed and put out a solution in less than a month, generating long-term savings for Accounting Competence Center.

The speed at which the solution was provided by DigiTech Consult was also possible due to the nature of the automation – the UIPath platform, for which we’ve been an accredited partner, allows seamless RPA integration into any business and individual case. Due to this, we are also able to provide quick changes and improvements, and future integration of smaller processes into even bigger projects that our customers may have.

The Bottom Line – what results did ACC and Digitech Consult achieve by working together?

What was previously done quarterly, has now been made a monthly, fully automated process, enabling the up-to-date tracking of data, thus providing a far better service to customers.

Doing the process manually would take between 20 and 25 minutes per client, for close to 150 clients, meant a lot of time spent, with a potential for errors. The Robot takes an average of 3 minutes per company now, meaning an average of 7 times faster turnaround time.

The Robot saves the time of one member of staff and is ran on a separate computer, thus freeing up time for tasks that matter more.

The overall satisfaction of ACC’s customers has raised tremendously, as the automated process has enabled them to provide even more efficient and fast services and still stay customer – centric and oriented to the detail.

“We used Digitech Consult to automate a process that was taking too much time for our employees. We are very pleased with the approach of your company, looking into all details and understanding our way of work. At the same time, our involvement in the implementation process was minimal and did not interrupt our day-to-day work. Automating this process helped us become more efficient, saves time, avoids errors, and gives the opportunity to grow our business. This innovation takes us one step ahead of the competition.”

– ACC Owners – Georgi Nikolov & Elenko Elenkov


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