DigiTech Consult, a forward-thinking supplier of software implementation services and technology-driven solutions, and Evrotrust, a pioneer in the digital transformation space, are thrilled to announce the start of a new collaboration that will level up the online customer experience.

To provide high-quality customer service, DigiTech Consult and Evrotrust are working together to deliver an online conversational AI communication solution for the online signing of all kinds of documentation. This will enable their customers to efficiently communicate with the team using text over an easily accessible channel, in a way that is natural and makes them feel comfortable. The partnership brings together the talents of two leading companies in their fields to deliver a complete service solution that meets the needs of the end customers.

In the digital age, where new services are being offered through apps, the user experience becomes more important than ever. The need for a strategic partnership to provide solutions that satisfy customers’ needs and can be easily adopted was recognized by both companies. DigiTech Consult can identify, develop, and implement the required automation solutions through its technical expertise. Evrotrust has been providing solutions to clients for many years now with a focus on user-friendliness and operational efficiency. The strategic partnership aims at providing a combined innovative solution on the market while satisfying customers’ needs for easy and speedy electronic services and decreasing operational costs. The solution is user-friendly, easy to use and access, efficient and secure.


This is what the two sides shared about the partnership:

“We are excited to partner with DigiTech Consult to create a convenient and secure offering through the integration of Evrotrust’s electronic signature solutions the built by DigiTech DRUID AI virtual assistants. We’re always open to explore new channels in order to give clients more options, streamline their overall experience and increase the efficiency of their business operations,” says Konstantin Bezuhanov, CEO of Evrotrust.


Digitech Consult

The partnership between our companies is a great asset for both of us. In the future, we plan to continue this mutually beneficial relationship for enhanced customer satisfaction and support. The strategic partnership was established to provide better and faster customer service, share state-of-the-art technology and products that add value to the end user, and reduce unnecessary costs for our customers, in addition to contributing to the digital transformation of the Bulgarian tech environment and beyond,” states Milena Ribarova, Founder and GM, DigiTech Consult.


About Evrotust

Evrotrust is an electronic identity and trust service provider with a mission to help businesses and governments to transform their processes and develop sustainable digital channels. The Evrotrust platform is an end-to-end solution for remote on-boarding and digital signing that enables users to remotely register and authenticate for any service using only their smartphone. It is easily integrated to third party backend systems and mobile applications. Working with Evrotrust empowers any organization to provide excellent user experience while staying compliant with regulations and keeping fraud away.


About DigiTech Consult

DigiTech Consult is a dynamic and inventive tech brand that introduces new technology solutions to businesses involved in innovation and digital transformation. DigiTech Consult targets enterprises from various sectors and countries, increasing their performance and revenues via process improvement and automation with software robots, Conversational AI business applications, and AI virtual assistants. DigiTech Consult solves challenges at a speed that no one else can match, thanks to a leadership team that has been exposed to Global Best Practices and has worked in over 50 countries. The team values strong ethical principles and believes and takes pleasure in being loyal and honest with everyone with whom we do business.


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