As we can see all around us in the world of business, AI Chatbots are here to stay.

The Pandemic just reminded us that businesses should have a plan prepared for providing support to their customers in unexpected situations.

Automation is a solution to help both your customers and employees.

Chatbots are a great alternative to a real conversation in terms of availability, time to reply, and cost-efficiency.

Learn about the technology, design, and the implementation process, and how to create a more pleasant experience for your clients.

On 14 September 2021, we shared our experience and knowledge on chatbots, and how they positively impact your business and customer experience.

Learn how to hit your revenue targets and enhance efficiency by investing in the cutting edge of technology.

Hosted by DigiTech Consult and DRUID this webinar will cover what chatbots are, how they contribute to your business, which industries benefit the most, how long the integration process is, and much more.

Key Topics:

You will learn:

  • How we bring End to End value to the Business
  • Combining technologies for maximum efficiency
  • How Chatbots contribute to driving more business
  • Chatbots capabilities
  • Industries that greatly benefit from Chatbots
  • Projects and timelines for implementation



Milena Ribarova
Founder & GM                                            DigiTech Consult

Andreea Plesea 
CRO and CO-Founder                                      DRUID Chatbot Platform

Business Development Manager              DigiTech Consult

Andreea Socol
Sales Director, EMEA                    DRUID Chatbot Platform

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