More and more we hear about Innovation, Automation, Robotization, AI. Robots and Artificial Intelligence are already among us. Do we see this as an Automation threat?

The digital environment and progressing automation that surrounds us make many people worried about losing their jobs, especially non-tech functions.

How can we deal with the employees’ fear of automation?

Most important is how to keep people involved in the processes. While robots are taking over the mundane and repetitive tasks people will still be needed for judgment, decision making, and human touch. People executing some positions are like robots even now – no thinking just processing. So the future is to help humans to handle Human work with humanity. Leave the robots to do their robotized work.

Employers have a lot of work to do to overcome the automation threat that the employees feel. The core is in identifying the value-added human work which to assign (keep assigned) to people and automate the rest.

How to distinguish the value-added work from the activities that are good for automation?

This is not an easy task of course but deep process analysis is a good idea. Find which are the customer touching points and which are internal tasks. Identify the regular, predictive tasks with a clear decision tree. I.e the decision is a result of clear criteria and in a digital format. At the same time identify the tasks which would need a decision based on cognitive capabilities, understanding, human logic, empathy.

Let the automation journey starts

The clarity of which of the tasks has to remain performed by the people (because of the need of the human thinking and capabilities) and which ones – by the systems (robots) gives an advantage for the proper automation journey. Yet, it will be extremely important how the company management communicates the reasons and the strategy for automation with the people. Keeping employees motivated and engaged while the robotization project starts require efforts, communication, and patience with them.

Our mission in DigiTech Consult ltd is to help the business to find the right balance of human vs. robot separation of duties and keep or build the right positions for people. Properly identify the value-added from the automation opportunities and then to find the right automation. Companies can also rely on us to support them in the process of automation adoption by the employes as well as further technical support.

Call us to know more about our approach and automate your business while keeping employees valuable and motivated!

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