What is a QR Code?

Quick response, or QR, is a type of barcode that can store a multitude of information. It is a quick and fun way to get some type of information. Because of its versatility, QR Codes can be programmed to do a multitude of things. It can be split into two formats: Dynamic and Static.

A static QR code is created once and the information it carries cannot be changed. Once created, it stays that way.

A dynamic QR code on the other hand can be modified on the go. Information can be added or removed. It can also be stopped. It is very well suited for marketing campaigns, where you might want to change some things as the campaign progresses. It will also save up on a lot of operational costs for reprinting codes with new information on them.

What are the QR codes useful for: 

For Improving your Business:

Businesses will especially benefit from the right implementation of QR Codes. There are so many missed opportunities to engage with your customers that could easily be covered with QR Codes.

• Print your business cards with the vCard QR Code to make it easy for your clients or customers to save your contacts to their phones with a tap.

• Add a Video or MP3 QR Code on your print advertising in magazines or newspapers to instantly breathe life into a static page.

• Your office window is a free advertising space that is often left unused. Print a Business Page QR Code that provides detailed information about your services, plus a button to schedule an appointment or consultation.

• There are so many more possibilities like promoting a specific service, pointing your clients to a specific page on your website, sharing an event you are planning, and many more.

Digital business card

For restaurants:

As a restaurant owner, there are plenty of opportunities for you to implement QR Codes in your daily business.

• Add a Rating QR Code on your table tents to make it easy for diners to rate your food or service.

• Print an Image Gallery QR Code on your menu to display mouth-watering images of your food.

• Use the WiFi QR Code so that diners can join your WiFi network without manually typing the password.

For Hotels and Resorts:

QR Code Marketing for hotels and resorts is a no-brainer. With plenty of foot traffic at the premises, you can utilize the power of our QR Code solutions to engage with your guests.

• Hotel key cards are one of the most underrated marketing tools in the hotel industry. It’s usually a blank, white card with just the hotel logo on it. Why not add a QR Code that links to an event happening during your guests’ stay? Or even a PDF QR Code that leads to seasonal specials at the in-house restaurant? The possibilities are endless.

• You can also use QR codes as inventory management to keep stocks in check. For this, you can use our QR Code API to create Static Codes that contain product information, when it was purchased, how many stocks were left, and much more.

Here are some ideas about the possible use of QR codes?

Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Stickers & Labels, Product Packaging, Food Packaging, Banners, Books, Bottles & Cans, Clothing, Displays, Newspapers & Magazines, Posters, Stationery, Table Tents, Tickets, Vehicles, Websites, Windows, Giveaways, Social Media, Billboards, Catalogs, Ebooks & Ezines, Infographics, Emails, Digital Signage, TV Commercials, Menus, Video Games, Cinema, Advertising, Web Banners, Art, Badges, Street Signs, Tabletop Games

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