DigiTech Consult and Viber have formed a strategic partnership to expand the range of services available to you for your virtual assistants or messaging to your target audience.

Through the collaboration between DigiTech and Viber, you can seamlessly connect with millions of individuals by leveraging the following offerings:

Business Messages

Establish a dedicated channel for your customers to receive various types of messages, including brand-related transactions, promotional content, and interactive conversations.

The company channel (business account) will be specially created for you, branded with the name and logo of your company. Through it, you can reach your customers more easily and send them notifications about promotions, news and other information. You only pay for delivered messages.

Diverse Outbound Campaigns (chatbot-initiated messages)

Take advantage of a wide range of message formats that can be sent by your chatbot to keep your bot subscribers engaged and interested.

Using initiated by our chatbots (driven by DRUID) messages you will be enabled to send to Viber subscribers the following notifications types :

  • ads,
  • surveys,
  • text messages,
  • text messages with buttons,
  • pictures,
  • URL,
  • location.

The Viber subscriber can send a response or select from the provided options (buttons) and continue chatting with the chatbot as per their interest topic.

Users’ responses with stickers are also valid intent and can be recognized by the bot to trigger a response or next action.

Stickers Campaigns

Utilize a viral and interactive solution to reach a broad audience on Viber. This is the most native and interactive way to engage with Viber subscribers.

We rapidly expand your brand’s audience by linking our chatbot to your custom sticker pack. The chatbot will even recognize and respond to users using stickers. The new image-driven communication experience for your users.

Engage with users’ emotions and capture their attention during their daily discussions.

On average, each sticker is shared 11 times, and over 1 billion stickers are sent every month.

Chatbot Discoverability

We provide an additional channel for users to discover and use your virtual assistant through Viber.

Enable any Viber user to easily find your chatbot through the search bar and Explore screen, ensuring enhanced visibility and accessibility.

Viber Ads

Advertise effortlessly and efficiently.

With Viber ads, we help you reach users and drive them to your desired destination – a website, a chatbot, a landing page etc.

Rich media ads can appear when the user ends a call or alongside premium brands in the Explore section.

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