Data reading and inserting in systems can be a heavily manual process with a high degree of human error.

Data Capture Solutions can solve problems in processes with big volumes of documents in which the systems will read the data from the document, categorize it, validate and send to the ERP or any other system.

Upgrading the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) with ML (Machine Learning) adds significant value to the data recognition and categorization. Especially valuable for areas with many different formats of documents with semi-structured on unstructured data. In processes in which every document can be received in various templates this technology allows the system to find and identify the needed data with 85–90% accuracy.

Optical character Recognition (OCR)


Machine Learning (ML)


Natural Language Understanding (NLP)


This Smart data capture solution has self-learning methods and algorithms allowing it to adapt and provide the best result event with changing document types and data.

Other features are also:

  • Supports multi-languages incl. English, French, German, other European, Cyrillic, Asian, etc.
  • Exceptions handling and option for human intervention
  • Documents validation and categorization
  • Duplicates checks
  • Splitting documents when scanned in bulk
  • Search and filter to easily find a document

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