This is a software solution to implement the Less Paper Offoce concept in any Company, Bank, or even Government organizations. In a digitally filing system, soft copies of the documents are moved across various departments and automatically directed to folders based on their indexing (the data that they contain).

Some of the features include:

  • Document Indexing
  • Annotation over the image
  • Dashboard to track the movement of documents, escalation
  • Keywords and Searching
  • Built-in workflow engine, flowcharts, routing and tracking
  • Design function-specific forms
  • Scanned, emailed documents or input from other systems appear in the list and routed to the employee
  • Roles and Accesses Management with Active Directory Sync
  • Audit Log and Security features

To maximize the benefit for the DMS, we can integrate it into Data extraction engines and any process automation which can use the documents stored in the DMS in the automated workflow.

Benefits of DMS implementation are:

  • Eliminate the need of the physical archive of documents
  • Make your processes more efficient by  using digital documents
  • Interact with other departments without exchanging documents as everyone can now access it from the DMS
  • Easy to search and retrieve relevant documents for your customers, deals, patients, insurances, loans etc.
Document Management Solution
Document Management Solution
Document Management Solution

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