i-HCM Solution Overview

The Intelligent Human Capital Management system (i-HCM) has been designed as an innovative software that provides adaptive HR solutions through in-built robust processes and complete customization capability to address your specific needs. It is a complete Web-based HR, payroll and time management suite that offers end-to-end HR solutions. It increases employee productivity, provides meaningful reports and real-time MIS for tracking vital HR indicators.

i-HCM Solution Overview


Infinigent offers advanced tools to assist organizations with the entire hiring process, from requisitions, sourcing, applicant tracking and management, to interviewing and the job offer.

Human Resource

A modern, unified approach, manage the entire employee lifecycle  with one easy-to-use, web-based application.


Timesheet is a highly flexible solution designed to meet unique time and labor requirements across all industries and across all levels of an organization, providing people with quick, simple, and accurate time entry.


Infinigent Payroll is a Web-based system that allows you to process payroll in real-time, ensuring 100% accuracy, flexibility and control.  Real-time synchronization with all Infinigent modules.

Employee Self-Service

Eliminate repetitive data entry, increase organizational productivity and decentralize everyday HR management with Infinigent’s Employee and Manager Self-Service.

Performance Management

Effective performance management increases employee motivation and Infinigent allows managers to identify performance gaps and guide employee development.

The system is designed to help you effectively manage your workforce. A wide range of company and employee data is maintained centrally and can be included in standard or ad hoc reports. By automating your core HR processes with this intuitive software not only will you improve employee cost, capability management and monitoring, you will also increase efficiency – leaving more time to focus on strategic HR initiatives rather than shuffling mountains of paperwork.

Employee & Manager Self-Service

Enhanced Employee engagement and satisfaction. Employee Self-Service saves your business valuable time and increases employee engagement. Give your on-site and remote workers the flexibility to access their personal information, benefit details, schedules and manage their leave online.

Employee Manager Self-Service

All-in-One Employee Self-Service

Time-Off Requests
Allow employees to self-manage their leave & availability


Allow your employees to fill in their own timesheets, whenever and wherever they want to.


Employees can access all their payslips and payment summaries online at any time.


Document Management
Submit, access and securely store employee documents in one database.

Employee Self-Service Dashboard

Employee Self-Service Dashboard

Performance Management Solution Overview

Boost employee productivity, engagement through a meaningful, constructive, and continuous performance review process.



Align the goals of the organization with that of individual employees. Save time and effort,  increase employee engagement.


Allows both the employee and the manager(s) to rate the employee on a wide range of skills and scorecard, complete the review on time, with electronic record-keeping for fast retrieval.



Ranking your employees on a  scale in order to differentiate top performers from low performers and to ensure consistency.

Reward Management

Ensure high performers are recognized and rewarded in a meaningful way by equipping managers with the data and communications tools they need to distribute compensation in an objective, transparent manner.

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