Visa Management Solution Overview

An end-to-end system to manage all the Visa and employee document requests, approvals and tracking. Organizations can create a seamless process with configurable workflows, notifications, document storage, and easy maintenance, where manual intervention is eliminated.

All -in-One place

  • Administrators and employees through self-service can access all documents in one place including personal documents,  dependent documents, visa requests and  visa costs
  • Get notified before your important documents expires. Set different expiry notifications at each document type level. The system is capable of sending individual alerts to employees and summarise alerts to administrators
  • Quick retrieval of documents.

Business Benefits


VISA requests and the corresponding documents are fully tracked in the system. Company PRO finds it easier to identify since the system has a clear workflow associated with each visa request type. It has also become simpler for them to track the progress on each visa request.


Various milestones and checklists that the processing is smooth and accurate. Any communication with the Employee and Administrators with respect to their application is tracked on the platform. This tracks the entire history of communications and documentation.


This software is a tool to track all the payments done in the overall Visa process. All the accounting details are under the control of the company and reports can be generated.


Automating this process through workflows will improve the productivity of the staff and provide for higher applications processed successfully. Having all requests, contacts, and documents in a single platform has also helped the  PRO to quickly identify historical information with regards to an Applicant.

Leadership Dashboards

Leadership Dashboards

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