A dynamic and increasingly rigorous regulatory environment, the continuing evolution of financial crime threats and tactics, and the growing pressure of the need for budget constraints are just some of the challenges facing financial institutions around the world.

As a result, to prevent fraud and counter money laundering, compliance officers need risk management solutions that help them keep up with the changing threat and adapt to growing businesses and regulatory requirements.

Modern technology solutions offer the financial industry comprehensive analyzes and tools, built on the basis of expert knowledge for complete prevention of fraud, money laundering and achieving regulatory compliance.

Our knowledge in this area provides us with a better opportunity to limit risk, reduce operational and IT costs and improve the effectiveness of anti-money laundering measures.

AML and Fraud Prevention graph


  • Checking new customers in the process of opening the account
  • Periodic inspection of the customers
  • Screening of employees as part of the pre-appointment check
  • Cross-border transaction partners should be checked

Automation methods:


Suitable for automation

Transaction Monitoring

Transaction monitoring is a process of reviewing transactions and the typology of transactions.

Transaction Monitoring
  • Rule-based monitoring – detects unusual transactions that are outside established rules;
  • Profile-based monitoring – includes comparing a transaction with an established model (depending on the client’s profile) and detecting any transaction that differs from the set threshold;
  • Scenario-based monitoring – an adaptive process that can change its analysis over time based on activity patterns, recent trends, changes in the customer base and other relevant media data;

Automation methods:

  1. Process Mining instruments
  2. ML, AI & RPA
  3. AML platforms

Suitable for automation

Reports and notifications

  • Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)
  • Alert distribution
  • Transactions Report
  • Detailed report, description of customer data and type of illegal activity

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