Know Your Customer - KYC

KYC is a process of collecting information to verify the identity of customers before and after starting business relationships with financial and non-financial institutions.

Contact the client to receive updated KYC documents.

Referral of received documents to RM for review and approval.

In case of discrepancy, contact the customer for clarification.

View documents.


Referral to the next unit for further verification.

Verification of documents according to KYC policies.

Confirmation for filling in checklists.

Forwarding of documents and a completed checklist to Team Leader for approval.

Checks the documents.

In case of a discrepancy – return to the agents for contact with the client.

Referral to employees “Regulatory compliance”, according to the rules.

Send to the next entry unit in the systems.

Data entry into systems

Automation methods:


Suitable for automation

ML - RPA Automation of the process of updating customer data (KYC)


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