Data reporting is a key activity in all departments of a business. It includes providing live data, information, and analysis to help businesses make informed decisions on time. But gathering information quickly, accurately, and reporting in a consistent way often take up large amounts of employees’ time when pulling information from multiple business systems.

A need for Automation we find in the fields of:

Each of these fields uses different programs to analyze and report a large amount of data. It takes time to turn this data into charts, graphs and link it across multiple channels.

DigiTech Consult offers robotic process automation (RPA) which helps automate business data reporting.

The robots can log in to your business systems, gather data, and pull together your data reporting just in a few seconds. This can be programmed to suit your business requirements on a scheduled basis, allowing you to have instant information as and when you need it.

The advantages we offer for implementing RPA on top of your systems are:

  • Saving Money and Time – up to 70 % of the time dedicated to reporting
  • Full Audit Trail – Compliance is a priority with the logs provided by the robots
  • Error rate in analyzing and reporting data reduced to 0%
  • Organizing and locating large amounts of data from multiple sources 

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