In the current business setting, shaped by the global healthcare crisis, there is a stronger preference for online shopping and an increasing need of using new digital tools to satisfy the ever more demanding customer. This forces a transformative approach on call centers, as they must increase efficiency and reduce operational cost while fighting to deliver the best customer experience.

Data collection and agent facilitation

The present high volume of customer interactions is often impossible to be handled in due time by call centers’ agents. This is creating delays and inefficiencies because of time-consuming repetitive tasks and lengthy onboarding processes, which ultimately could lead to loss of potential and existing clients.

The solution is to leverage intelligent automation like AI-driven virtual assistants and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to empower advisors/agents with the right information and at the right time, so they can resolve complex problems rapidly, from an initial interaction directly to a satisfying solution.

For instance, the customer call waiting time is decreased to a minimum when robots are involved in the data collection. When the agent provides the Bot with the customer’s contact details (phone number, email, order number) the robots will perform an extensive Cloud/ System check and it will provide the agent with the needed data (orders delivery, invoices and payments statuses).

When the interaction with the customer is via email or chat on average there is a 50% improvement in response time due to automation. Leaving more time to focus on the customer experience rather than repetitive manual search in the system by the agent.

Customer-facing conversations through AI-driven virtual assistants

Customer-facing conversations through AI-driven virtual assistants

Our AI-driven virtual assistants will seamlessly create a natural bonding between themselves and your customer base, delving into deep analysis to understand valuable data patterns, intelligently learning from continuous interactions and extracting information from several data sources.

Woman texting with a chatbot

Also, because of their smart capabilities, chatbots can help contact center managers achieve operational efficiency and scale their business faster through:

  • Improving Customer Satisfaction and 24/7 support across multiple languages and time zones
  • Reducing average handling time
  • Conversational Self-service
  • Accurately monitor and enhance call center KPI’s
  • Build and maintain a self-reliant agent workforce

Curious to see how they work in practice?
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Data Privacy

To increase trust even further all the data which is provided by the customer through our Robots or Chatbots is secured and encrypted but can also be removed after the customer’s query has been dealt with. Only transaction data (transaction number, date/time of the search, agent ID and channel of received request) are recorded. Robots and Chatbots can only execute pre-defined, pre-approved steps, fraud or misuse is impossible.

For more information on GDPR and Data Privacy please click here.

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