Pharmaceutical companies play a pivotal role in helping patients and communities. Also, they are busy mostly with answering emails, collecting data from different resources, registering patients and drugs in their programs, and other repetitive tasks and processes.

Most of their time workers spend on these assignments when they can spend it on something with a more valuable purpose.

We, DigiTech Consult, offer Automation that can help with some of these burdensome tasks.

Patients Registration

Patience registration is one of the tasks that usually workers do that take from their time. It is something that can be automated, to give workers the benefit to focus on more valuable things.

Patients’ data is input across your systems as soon as they sign up or sign in. Our virtual workers remove the registration waiting room – meaning healthcare can be administered as your customer needs it.

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Patients Electronic Files

A few decades ago, it was unthinkable so important information to be stored in a computer. It was held in books, many, many record books full of files for people.

At present time it is easier and more accessible to look into your computer for information for certain files or patients, but it still needs time to write down the data.

RPA for instance, can use intelligent document processing (IDP) to prepare and ingest documents — related to anything from health records to insurance claims — into a larger repository for storage or use. It can happen in seconds and save hours a day in recording the files.

Reporting to Health Authorities

The healthcare industry is highly regulated, requiring very stringent protocols and reporting concerning patient records, medical records, and other sensitive information. Regulatory compliance is dependent upon accuracy, consistency, and protection of records, which RPA can provide.

Reporting often doesn’t require specialized skills, but it’s a task that can be very repetitive. RPA can be used to take data inputs from various sources, some of which may need to be converted to structured reports using bots.

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Pharmacy supply chain management

The pharmaceutical industry can benefit from RPA in multiple ways. Automation is all set to make supply chains lean and efficient. Some of the most significant issues in the supply chain are:

  • Inventory Management
  • Integrating operations across multiple channels
  • Visibility across the supply chain

This presents a perfect scope for Robotic Process Automation. RPA can perform core business functions ten times faster than human beings with complete accuracy. The analytics from RPA helps in forecasting, tracking goods, and help in making complex decisions.

With more and more people seeking healthcare services, workers may not meet the increasing demand for services. With health automation, doctors have additional time for patients.

Moreover, it improves service delivery hence the provision of better and timely services. Automation in healthcare comes with numerous gains, and patients stand to benefit more.

To get started on implementing healthcare automation, you need to first think about patient engagement.


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