New technologies help to automate routine Human Resources processes so the organization and HR specialists can focus and pay more attention to the employees’ related strategic initiatives


10x faster employee onboarding

4 months Return of investment on payroll automation

Reclaim 40% of your Human Resources professionals' time

HR departments worldwide are adopting RPA technology, reclaiming up to 40% of their time, and making their workplace happier and more human-centric.

We integrate different technologies to provide the most powerful automation for the HR industry. Depending on the current IT landscape in the company we can propose either End-to-End HR platform to manage all HR processes from onboarding through performance measurements, administrative tasks, Visa management.

Or we can also deliver quick wins with RPA and AI-driven virtual assistants.

Read more about the main HR processes and the possibilities for automation:

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Employee Selections Process

Automation with RPA and AI provides a higher standard and increases the “First time right” indicator in the employee selection process. Choosing the right profile for a position from the onset of the hiring process is immensely valuable as no time and efforts have been lost to hire and train an employee who is not the best fit for the team.

HR teams who free up their time with automation should now be working as change agents to help employees in adapting to the robot-enhanced work environment and establishing the new digital culture.

Involving virtual assistants that deal with candidates 24/7 will bring more flexibility for the candidates and additional satisfaction in the job search process.

Integrated RPA and Chatbots can automatically search for open positions and post announcements in the career section of the website.

Integrated with SAP / other ERP systems to automate candidates, interviews, approvals, and all notifications between stakeholders.

Better Onboarding With RPA

With a combination of attended and unattended Robots, a company can reduce the employee onboarding process time from 30 minutes to 3-4 min per new employee.

With RPA we can automate:

  • The verification of a candidate’s information
  • Filling in and processing new hire forms
  • Transfering new hire information into the company’s database
  • Sending notifications to new employees
    Onboarding new employees

    The combination of RPA with OCR technology helps to extracts employees’ data from ID documents with 99.95% accuracy.

    Integration with internal systems enables the automatic generation of appropriate contracts from templates, in accordance with the employment offer.


    • 100% automation achieved
    • 10x faster processing after automation
    • 100% accuracy rate
    • 100% scalable through peak times

    Simpler Payroll With RPA

    An HR service provider can automate 90% of the effort required for the payroll process. Implementation can be done in just several weeks so that a Robot will handle all payroll changes received via email from customers and automatically enter them into the ERP system.

    Payroll calulation

    Social securities accruals and booking can also become an easy task with the help of RPA.


    • ROI achieved in just 4 months
    • Staff costs reduced by 60%
    • Error rate reduced to 0%
    • Faster customer response times
    • Processing time reduced by 85%

    Human Resources Administration

    Sick leave, leave, and vacation time requests

    Additional administrative chatbot trained on HR FAQs supports employees to quickly respond to all questions related to the remaining days of paid leave or to process sick leaves and vacation requests.

    Improves the employee’s satisfaction by allowing them to receive information instantly and from one source.


    Expense and reimbursement processes

    • Automatically provide specific document templates for advances or expense reports
    • Offer modern, digital conversational experience for submitting the expense reports and the supporting documentation
    • Automate collection of the remaining amounts for advances or payments of the overspent amounts
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