When talking about marketing campaigns, email marketing and other activities that require data collection and storage we inevitably think of data privacy and the regulations related to it like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). GDRP is the EU’s data protection law which imposes obligations to organizations on data privacy and security.

For making marketing campaigns and analyzing the data collected from the campaign the Business must collect and store information about its customers. Retail chains having loyalty cards collect data for customer preferences. Banks, Insurers, Financial companies store data for the customers they provide services like loans, current accounts, cards, insurances, etc. Many businesses keep customer data in their CRM systems so they can manage better their sales process and maintain long-lasting customer relations.

Data Purge

The “Right to be forgotten” also known as the right of the individuals to ask the organization for the deletion of their personal data requires the organizations to set up such a process to delete data on request. Also, in case personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose an organization originally collected or processed and needs to be deleted and no longer used.

The process to find a customer’s data in several systems and to purge especially if it’s needed to apply some criteria (like all services provided to the customer have expired; no active contracts with the company; no due amounts etc. ) is manual and the organizations are still not capable enough to handle it. In this area, we can help with the automation of the whole process of triggering the purge and data deletion. Read more here.

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