How RPA can help in the Marketing research process?

Respondent Automation is done with robots that can perform all activities related to collecting data for respondents that the company will interview as part of the marketing research process for a customer. The robots then insert collected data for the respondents in the core system as a second step and send invitations for interviews:

Respondent Automation graph

By having a respondent automation the robot:

  • Is accessible and available 24/7
  • Picks up specific emails reading the Subject and searching for the attached files containing data for the respondents that the company will interview
  • Validates data on many criteria
  • Communicates with the human agent for support, if needed
  • Sends Invitation to the respondent in 35 languages
  • Modify, re-schedule or delete data for the interviews if such a request is received
  • Precisely defines the interviews time per time zone even though they are worldwide and some of them are specific
  • Purges PII data for respondents’ data inserted more than 90 days ago

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