RPA in the back office

Back Office Employees work with several systems running different processes daily.

Retailers use traditional ERP systems to collect, store, manage and interpret data from different business activities and departments in one place. These applications are usually not easy to use or don’t give you the exact information required.

These are some of the possible ways, RPA can streamline back-office processes, boost data confidence, speed up the process, limit the need for human intervention and create opportunities for innovation.

Finance and Accounting

Automation in accounting and finance can also be targeted. Systems like ERP’s and CRM’s are the next steps in the journey.  Automation of invoice processing, accounts payable and receivable, reconciliation, procure to pay, order to cash, record to report cycles and consolidating account information.

For example, we can take invoice reconciliation, which despite many years of digitalization still involves a large number of essential repetitive and high-volume manual tasks and waste. This can delay payments or result in incorrect payment amounts. Some typical tasks like downloading invoices from emails, reading them carefully and manually importing data into accounting systems can now easily be automated with RPA.

Most retailers rely on processing invoices in spreadsheets that track tax deductions and payments. Now it is possible to automate this vital step in the process, no matter how critical it is. RPA, together with business process management (BPM) can now provide nearly everything needed to automate the entire process.

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Provide nearly everything needed to automate invoice processing.

Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Analysis
Finance and Accounting

Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Analysis

Marketing and consumer behavior analysis is critical for any Business tha wants to know the pulse and behavior of the customers. Behavioral Economics together with conventional Marketing and consumer analysis give absolute power to the retail sector.

Measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategies or predict and choose the next actions, campaigns and promotions in a matter of a few clicks.

Automation in this area gives significant advantages to retailers providing them with tools that help ‘feel’ and satisfy their customer needs and boost sales.

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Payroll Management

Payroll is the most administrative process in the HR department. Every pay cycle requires accuracy, deadlines and well-planned coordination across numerous departments. Mistakes in any of these steps will surely demotivate the workforce and possibly cause financial hardship.

It is well known that pressure on payroll budget management is constant. RPA can constantly and simultaneously improve both the quality service of payroll and drive down the costs.

This will also give back time to HR employees instead of having them perform high volume, repeatable tasks.

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Simultaneously improve the consistency and quality of service in payroll.

Payroll Management
Employee on-boarding

Employee on-boarding

The action of using several HR databases to keep employee information can be streamlined with RPA and employee onboarding can be synchronized. This will eliminate the need of manual double entry of data, also preventing errors saving even more time in the long run. Instead, the HR team can be more focused on building employee relationships and fostering the corporate culture and values.

Freed from routine administrative work, HR teams can deliver personalized onboarding experiences for new employees. All supervisor meetings, safety briefings, logging time and submitting expenses and time slips can be automatically organized in one place.

A data-driven approach to on-barding means that employee information can be collected effectively and kept in one place ensuring that HR professionals have the needed information to do their jobs quickly and effectively.

Employee off-boarding can be also automated with RPA, consolidating leaver data from business areas and updating HR and payroll systems.

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Employee information can be collected effectively and kept in one place.

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