We make software robots that assist people in front of computers. In some specific cases, the robots can even completely replace manual work and let people focus on more value-added activities where human intellect and judgment are necessary.

software robots
Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

We did a survey in a jobs portal for jobs that are suitable for robotics and we saw that many companies are looking for a person “Data Processing Specialist” to deal with “data export, preparation of reports, data entry, creation, processing, maintaining spreadsheets of Excel. This summary of activities is covered almost entirely by the competence of our robots.

We at Digitech Consult develop individual solutions for the automation of processes. We use RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. Our robots support the work of people in the


Routine and Repetitive activities such as:

  • Processing, Input, and verification of data from or in a software and ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, core-banking systems, in-house developed solutions etc.
  • Preparation of reports and analysis
  • Processing of data on orders, receipts, sales and deliveries
  • Generation of files and folders
  • Distribution of email communication to multiple recipients based on rules
  • Extracting information from scanned documents (invoices, bank statements, personal documents) and entering it into the ERP or other software
  • Repetitive operations in CRM systems or other software for operational production / logistics / sales management
  • Deriving data from multiple sources (systems) and combining in a single window for employees’ easiness
  • Debt collection – inquiries in civil cases and retrieving, processing, and recording information from public registers
  • Data collection, emailing and other activities in marketing research
  • Supporting HR activities like collecting and processing data of job applications, sending interviews invites or other emails to applicants; training administration


Applicability of the robots

Our software robots can work with websites, web-based, or desktop applications and they perfectly cope with MS Office products (Word, Excel), ERPs, and other core systems.

DigiTech’s team provides you with help to identify the processes that are the best fit for the automation and will bring to your company the fastest return (ROI).

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