On October 25, 2022, DRUID AI organized a conference in London called “Rise Through Symbiosis” in which DigiTech also took part. The representative of our team was our moving force, the face behind DigiTech, Milena Ribarova. The tech-related event took part in London, and it celebrated business evolution and technological advances.


Experienced speakers, such as automation SMEs, customers, and partners shared some quality information that prompted the audience to consider what the future of work and business will look like starting today.


Conversational AI has evolved into a must-have technology that addresses a wide range of operational and customer-facing concerns, enabling employees to provide distinctive experiences to customers. Key takeaways from the event which we can share with you were:

✅ ConversationalAI requires a mindset change and sets new concepts and principles in communication.

✅ Solving issues is more effective through conversation and symbiosis between humans and technology

✅ Conversational AI with DRUID AI provides a different layer to any automation and application that we develop with the platform.


Our team like to share more on what happened at the event because we consider the insights could be adjusted to almost every industry.


Daniel Balaceanu, DRUID’Chief Product Officer, demonstrated DRUID’s new product category, Conversational Business Applications (CBA), which will alter the future of global businesses and not only. He demonstrated how CBA make employees’ lives easier by integrating any existing enterprise systems to trigger immediate, precise answers to their requests – in a friendly user interface. It will simultaneously wear multiple hats: contact centre agent in a bank, customer relationship manager, bot author, data analyst, and so on. CBA helps to execute any business process quickly and effectively by introducing a conversational layer that brings systems closer to users and makes them easier and more entertaining to interact with in multimodal experiences (linked chat, mobile, online, etc.).


Moreover, Forrester Principal Analyst, Jessie Johnson, discussed the growing use of automation and conversational AI, which represents a new normal of consumer expectation, customer obsession, and labour augmentation. Conversational AI now assists organizations in separating signals from noise and providing real-time, correct replies and actions that meet and exceed the expectations of their employees and consumers. As a result, there is a change in focus and skills from employee engagement to staff enablement, which may be remedied.


Not just that but Vargha Moayed, a business coach, advisor, and hyper-generalist, suggested “Fast IT,” which is a new category of technology comprised of low-code, RPA, and APIs. Fast IT is all infused with AI to offer CIOs a toolkit to assist them in digitizing a process while utilizing legacy systems and current datasets. Furthermore, the system enables enterprises with legacy infrastructures to shift quickly and compete with digitally native organizations. This Fast IT technology includes DRUID Conversational Business Applications.


Lastly, several customer success stories were shared by Liberty Global, BNP Paribas, Regina Maria, and E.ON. They demonstrated the benefits of deploying conversational AI, such as improving operational procedures and better servicing clients and patients. For example, transitioning from a many-to-one engagement to a one-to-one connection allows for faster response time, higher quality of information delivered, and more time for agents or physicians to focus on more difficult requests and situations and bond with clients (patients). Most of these real-life challenges were resolved quickly and effectively in the midst of a pandemic.


All in all, the event sparked the beginning of a valuable discussion on where the tech world is heading, which are the tools that are leading the development of businesses, and how can one benefit from automation at the workplace. The debate on how to leverage conversational AI in business processes is still an ongoing matter of consideration; however, the first steps have already been made and competitive advantages are highly guaranteed as presented from the use cases at the event.


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