In 2022, Digitech Consult had the privilege of collaborating with Econt, a leading logistics company operating in Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece. Econt boasts an extensive network of logistics points, serving over 7 million clients and providing next-day delivery services. As part of the project, Digitech Consult developed two virtual assistants, Ena for Clients and Internal Ena, to enhance delivery tracking and customer experience. The latest development enables customers to access Ena conveniently through Viber, further streamlining their interaction with Econt.


How did this partnership enhance processes with virtual assistants, you might ask? 

The collaboration between Digitech Consult and Econt aimed to streamline Econt’s processes by creating sophisticated virtual assistants accessible through various channels. The primary objective was to develop an intelligent assistant that facilitated 24/7 delivery tracking and provided exceptional customer service. The virtual assistants, Ena for Clients and Internal Ena, empower both customers and Econt employees, offering numerous benefits for a seamless experience.

·      Benefits for Econt Employees:

Ena simplifies the tasks of Econt couriers and office personnel by providing technical troubleshooting assistance, service integration support, and quick solutions. By eliminating the need for employees to go through the process of calling an internal line and waiting to be connected with an expert, Ena saves valuable time and enables efficient operations.

·      Benefits for Customers:

Ena offers a range of services and benefits for Econt customers, making their interactions with the company more convenient and efficient. Customers can utilize Ena to change delivery conditions, make payments using a card or digital wallet, track their shipments, and request courier services effortlessly. Ena also includes an office locator feature, enabling customers to find nearby Econt offices and obtain walking or driving directions.


As a result, the customer satisfaction is about the improve and exceed expectations.

One of the key features of Ena is the ability for customers to engage in live chat interactions with the customer center experts. This feature ensures quick access to information and enhances customer satisfaction by providing direct and personalized support. Customers find this live chat interaction one of the most valuable sources of information about Econt’s services and offerings.

Even more exciting news is that Ena is now available on Viber.

To bridge the gap between Econt and its customers, Ena is now accessible through Viber, a popular messaging and communication platform. By integrating Ena with Viber, Econt provides customers with another convenient channel to access the virtual assistant. Customers can now connect with Ena directly within the Viber app, simplifying their interaction with Econt and further improving the customer experience. Access Ena in Viber from here.


Econt, in collaboration with Digitech Consult, has successfully introduced Ena, a virtual assistant designed to enhance delivery tracking and customer experience. Ena provides numerous benefits for both Econt employees and customers, offering seamless assistance, quick solutions, and convenient services. By making Ena available on Viber, Econt has further expanded the accessibility of the virtual assistant, allowing customers to interact with Ena directly within the Viber app and also Econt mobile App. This development showcases Econt’s commitment to leveraging technology to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction in the courier and logistics industry. Our team is grateful for the project we created together with Econt and we hope we keep improving Ena to enhance its potential even further.

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