Chatbots or so-called virtual assistants are software agents that provide access to services and information through interaction in the users’ everyday language through text or voice.

Chatbots are increasingly used in a commercial context to make product or service- related recommendations. By doing so they collect the personal information of the user, similar to other online services.


Chatbots can be classified based on their purpose assistant or conversation:

On one hand, assistant chatbots are programmed to assist users in their daily activities, such as searching for information on the internet, cloud, or on-premises servers, making telephone calls, scheduling appointments and so on. They are integrated into mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones powered by smart artificial intelligence systems. With those interactions, these chatbots provide short, structured, and simple responses to the users.


On the other hand, our conversational AI-powered chatbots are built to engage in human-like conversations by offering more extended responses to users’ input. The chatbots combine their responses from a knowledge base that identifies known keywords and responds to users’ inquiries by searching for other users’ responses in its database.


Our AI-driven virtual assistants use a no-code platform featuring user-friendly conversation and integration designers.

They can be easily connected to any enterprise application through RPA bots, APIs, or SQL. The native integration with UiPath Studio, Orchestrator and Attended Robots create bidirectional communication between robots and chatbots.


The AI-rich pre-configured conversation templates for more than 300 business scenarios and the support of more than 45 languages, allowing multiple business roles to be easily implemented in almost any industry and any language.

So what is the Chatbot expected to do?

Reply to Questions

Send Alerts

Deliver Reports

Manage Tasks

Fill in Forms

Route to Human

Connect to Databases

Search for information

Speak multiple languages

Who needs Chatbots?

  • Any enterprise across all industries offers customer service and support


  • Sales and Marketing looking to generate new leads


  • Employees who need a digital assistant to access many applications from a single window


  • C-Level executives looking to engage better with their customers and employees


  • Customer Experience leaders who want to ensure customer satisfaction


  • Save time & lower costs
    Pass repetitive tasks to chatbots and allow people to focus on work that matters.


  • Enhance user experience
    Provide a conversational AI layer for users’ interaction with any enterprise system.


  • Improve quality
    Eliminate user error and increase consistency through standardized processes.


  • Boost engagement
    Make work easier and provide communication gateways exactly where users spend time.

How do Chatbots work in practice?

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