Welding, wheel mounting, windshield installation, painting, and other assembly-line operations are being performed by industrial robots. Vehicle manufacturers can now build thousands of vehicles per day while lowering operational costs, boosting dependability, and freeing up people from labor-intensive tasks due to the widespread use of automation tools.

Still, the spectrum of activities the automotive companies face every day extends far beyond the assembly line. Companies, nowadays, must handle a variety of additional activities, such as dealer network management, payment processing, inventory management, and insurance claims processing. 

In this case, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Chatbots have a lot to propose to the automotive industry. 

Registration of Car Rental Inquiries

Car renting inquires usually fill up a pile of documents waiting to be sorted out and taken care of. Here RPA comes into use by categorizing, analyzing, and registering inquiries in less than a minute. Keeping track of car rentals has never been easier; therefore, creating a schedule for remembering dates and hours is essential.

Moreover, chatbots could easily work together with RPA and take inquires directly from customers. Thus, chatbots will decrease the time for customer service processes and boost self-service.

Streamline Application Processes of Vehicle Sales

The streamline of application processes of sales, especially when there is a huge clientele, is prone to human mistakes. Robotic Process Automation, on the other hand, accelerates both accuracy and efficiency in such application processes. Not only that but it enables employers to organize their workplace and develop employee satisfaction by freeing up time for internal processes.

Suppliers Onboarding

To function properly and effectively, 95% of the automotive companies’ activities require communication with dozens of suppliers. Robots’ capabilities are currently enabling automotive businesses to safely transfer corporate information.

Inventory Management

An effective supply chain management is possible when there is a controlled purchasing of inventory such as spare parts control. Usually, supervisors are being employed to ensure that the inventory levels are properly matching their demand. 

This is a manual, low-value-added activity that is prone to human mistakes. By using RPA or chatbots, automotive manufacturers can keep a healthy stock balance and optimize their workplace.

Insurance Claims Processing

To increase customer satisfaction, the automotive insurance industry should adopt a high level of claim processing speed and accuracy. 

Processing claims manually can be very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Employees who are responsible for this work need to collect relevant data from a variety of sources, evaluate it, and then transfer it to the policyholder’s digital record. Such repetitive tasks can be easily automated and contribute to the overall business success. 

Other tasks that could be automated to significantly decrease the execution time down to less than five minutes:

  • Back-office operations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Logging vehicle service reports and other diagnostic data
  • Vehicle maintenance schedules
  • Customer support 24/7 via human-like communication with Chatbots

Applicability of the robots

Our software robots can work with websites, web-based, or desktop applications and they perfectly cope with MS Office products (Word, Excel), ERPs, and other core systems.

Our team excels at fast implementation that does not require high involvement from your business.

DigiTech’s team helps you to identify the processes that are the best fit for the automation and will bring your company the fastest ROI.

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